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C5 – Short-term Exchange of Groups of Pupils – Online Mobility

The meeting was held online and was attended by 20 partner teachers, 50 partner students, 4 Italian teachers (hosts) and 10 Italian students.

After the welcoming ceremony by Mrs. Mariella Brunazzi and Mrs. Paola Patrizia Vita (deputy Headteacher), a video with music and songs by SRAFFA’s students was shown, followed by a presentation of Crema and suburbs, Lombardy, as well as a video tour around school. Then each school made their presentations on Bullying, Cyberbullying and the role of Mediation.

On the 2nd day, psychologists Mrs. Laura Zampirolo and Mrs. Ramona Bombelli delivered presentations on bullying, cyberbullying and mediation. Then students were lodged in 7 breaking out sessions and work on a bullying case study – they wrote an analysis and created a comic using Pixton app. The meeting went on with a presentation on the relation between natural landscapes and human wellness by Mr. Alessandro Carelli, a landscape architect.

The 3rd day started with the students finishing the comics of the bullying case study on Pixton app. Then the psychologist Ms Amelia Grioni was introduced and interviewed by the students about the benefits of Peer Mediation. What followed was the intervention of a music therapist, Ms Debora Tundo, who talked about the beneficial effects of music on the mind and how it can influence the process of mediation and the resolution of conflicts. Then a group of students presented the city of Cremona. All students were then invited to share messages about the soothing power of music and its role in a mediation process on a padlet.

On the last day everyone attended a group activity concerning comfortable landscape pictures. Then a booklet was created with the case study analysis and the storytelling turned to comics. SRAFFA’s students presented a video about Milan and its suburbs. The meeting’s evaluation form/doc followed, shared among participants, was filled in and reposted.

Crema – SRAFFA 21/02/2022 – 24/02/2022

Topic: School Mediation in Practice – Bullying and Cyberbullying and the role of mediation

4 GEL Alimou Work

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