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C6 – Short-term exchange of groups of pupils Blended Mobility

The meeting was carried out in the Blended formula: two partner schools (Athens and Crema) were hosted physically while the other partner schools (Bari, Malta and Portugal) were connected virtually.

The meeting began with the performance of the dance group from Atom Dance Studio. Then the welcoming speech was given by the school King and Queen and the Principal- Dariusz Naumowicz. The students prepared an attractive artistic part, which was complemented by the performance of the Greek school and the singing of the song “Imagine” by everyone gathered in the gym and online. The integration was completed by a “Belgian Dance” performed by all project participants. What followed was a presentation and workshop on peer mediation by Ms Joanna Bojarczyk.

The next day was spent on workshops on active listening organized by psychologist Magdalena Popławska and workshops on active listening by a school psychologist- Mrs. Anna Czerniakiewicz.

Wednesday and Thursday were dedicated to field projects: the first in the nearby Supraśl, where the group visited the Orthodox Monastery of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Mother of God, the Museum of Icons and participated in workshops organized by the Museum of Printing and Papermaking. The group was interviewed by the local TVP3 television on the implementation of the above project. Then a common integration bon-fire was organized; the second field project took place in Tykocin, where the group visited the Castle, the Synagogue, the European Stork Village –Pentowo.

The last day of the project was spent on the workshop entitled “Creative problems solving”, organized by the sociotherapist Marzanna Grabarczyk, who inspired us to look at problems differently and how to solve them in an unconventional way. The meeting ended with a summary of the students’ work, thanking for organizing the meeting and the ceremony of handing out certificates. In the evening, a farewell dinner party was held.