C7 – Athens2022-10-12T20:10:15+00:00

C7 – Joint Stuff Meeting


This was the last meeting of the project and it was attended by 12 Greek teachers and 15 partner teachers. 15 Greek students participated in some activities as well.

After the welcoming ceremony by the school Principal, work presentations took place. Each partner school presented their work on the project’s implementation details and the interior school procedures for the students’ and the teachers’ training; the project’s implementation through the online international activities; real case studying, if any; the project’s implementation through the LTTAs/mobilities live and online, also known as vertical factor.

On the second day, the partner teachers visited the 4GELA School Mediation Training Centre – The Grand Opening. What followed was the public event in Karolos Koun Theatre where the second part of teachers’ presentations took place. The work was presented as follows: each partner school prepared a video named “Erasmus+ SCME: Students’ Moments” as a project’s implementation memorandum with photos, videos, documents, interviews, testimonials; a short presentation about the school mediation’s added value for schools’ management; a short presentation about the EU projects’ added value to school communities, Erasmus+ especially; a short presentation on the SCME project’s impact and sustainability in their local society. The event came to an end with the Greek students’ performance: traditional dances and songs.

As for cultural events, the group visited the isle of Hydra.

Teachers evaluated the meeting and disseminated it via Twinspace.