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Convitto Nazionale Domenico Cirillo – Scuole Annesse


“Domenico Cirillo” is a state primary and secondary school located in the city of Bari, in Puglia on the southeastern part of Italy. The Secondary School is specialized in scientific, classical, linguistic and musical studies and supports the implementation of CLIL methodology. Subject teaching is complemented by projects and activities that aim at enriching the students’ personality, as well as the development of their cultural, civic and human dimension. There are about 200 members of staff and about 900 students. School’s motivation to join in this project is the number of students in need, due to broken families, special needs, disabilities, different cultural background .The school has been working on conflicts resolution for some years so far through initiatives run by teachers and parents with the help of some experts. Time has been dedicated initially to identifying and describing the conflicts affecting the pupils at various ages and then some tools have been used to find a solution. The present project will certainly contribute to bringing the topic of conflict resolution to the fore, and to the recognition of its general importance. Dealing with conflicts at school within the framework of this project will offer the opportunity to get prepared for more serious situations, be it within the family, at school or in the world of work. In fact fathoming the causes of conflict is the basis for personal change, but also for changes in the societal structure.