Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. João Araújo Correia

Agrupamento de Escolas Joao de Araujo Correia is a state secondary general high school situated at Godim-Peso de Regua in the Portuguese Central North which counts 1200 students and 200 teachers. School offers courses of Human Sciences, Arts, Literature and Economics, and vocational courses as well such as ICT, Multimedia, Geriatrics, Reception Techniques and Marketing and is a school open to students with disabilities, in particular to deaf students. The school’s motivation to join this project is a certain number of inaccuracies and tricky situations often emerging among students in their daily school life last years which must be managed. Diversity and inclusion is a big issue in the school. It is strongly believed that through peer school mediation students will arrive to ameliorate their relationships and their school life, and moreover the whole school climate will get better.